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Did you know that many illnesses and health conditions are caused or aggravated by undiagnosed allergies?


Would you like to learn how you can easily identify and eliminate your allergies – naturally and permanently?

If you're looking for a solution to your allergy and health problems... look no further.  I’ve got good news for you!  You absolutely DO NOT have to suffer from allergies or allergy-related illnesses anymore.  There is a cure!  It's all natural, proven safe and effective, and it couldn't be more affordable.  You don't need to see a doctor for treatments you can easily learn the technique yourself!

My life-long allergy to shrimp was eliminated in one treatment. I thought maybe it was a fluke, but then my severe cat allergy was also eliminated. I'm able to pet my friend's cat now without itchy eyes or a stuffy nose. It sounds crazy, but The Allergy Zapper Method really works! Deeahn Johnson, I love you! 

                                                                Kolleen Perreira
                                                                Ringgold, Georgia

From:  Deeahn Johnson

Dear Allergy Sufferer,


Are you tired of the sniffling, sneezing, coughing, runny nose, itchy red eyes and scratchy throat that assault you during the spring and summer months?  Do you have food allergies or intolerances that limit your diet or cause symptoms like heartburn and indigestion?  Do molds and dust send you into a sneezing fit?  Do chemical sensitivities cause you to break out in hives?  Does your nose stuff up every time you visit a pet-owning friend?  Are you tired of throwing away your money on medications that treat your allergy symptoms but never address the underlying cause?  Are you longing for a cure?     

If so, I have some VERY exciting news for you:

You absolutely do not have to suffer
from allergies anymore!

You can easily and permanently

I’ll show you the 60-second tapping technique that I’ve used to eliminate hundreds of allergies.  It’s so easy even a child can do it, yet words are inadequate to tell you how dramatically it has improved my life!  I'm confident it will improve your life just as dramatically!  That’s why I’ve created this website.


I have a degenerated disc and arthritis, which have caused me severe back pain for more than 30 years.  My doctor put me on a prescription pain medication that helped slightly, but it caused four bleeding ulcers in my stomach!  My pain became so severe I couldn't sleep through the night.  It was having a serious negative effect on my quality of life, and I considered surgery.  The problem is, surgery for back pain is often ineffective.  I didn't know where to turn for relief.

When my wife learned about allergy elimination, I was extremely skeptical.  How could she help me by tapping, when the doctors with their medical degrees couldn't do anything to relieve my suffering?  We argued about it, and I was not cooperative.  But I had nothing to lose, so I finally agreed that she could give me one allergy treatment a day.  That was nearly a year ago.  I would have never believed I could have so many allergies, or that eliminating them could make such a dramatic difference!  My pain has subsided gradually, to the point where I no longer need pain meds on a regular basis.  We've also eliminated my pollen allergies, so I'm not paying for that prescription every month.  I can't wait to see my acid reflux improve when we start concentrating on my food allergies!  

I'm not one to write testimonials, but I had to make an exception in this instance.  I was a skeptic, but now I'm a convert.  The Allergy Zapper technique has really changed my life!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
                                                                    Terry Johnson
                                                                    Chattanooga, TN  



Two years ago, I was in the same place as many of you.  I suffered from allergies all my life, and believed there was no cure.  Then an article in a women’s magazine caught my eye.  It was the story of a lady with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), who found out her condition was caused by undiagnosed allergies.  The article detailed her struggle with doctors who were unsympathetic and unable to help her.  But not to worry… she found a way to eliminate her allergies, one by one, and was soon back to her old self!  The article mentioned a website with more info on the allergy treatments that cured the woman’s CFS. 

I visited the site and ordered the book Say Goodbye to Allergies by Dr. Devi Nambudripad.  It tells how she lived for two years eating nothing but white rice and broccoli, due to her severe food allergies, before accidentally discovering that allergies could be eliminated with acupuncture or acupressure.


Since the 1980’s, she has trained thousands of practitioners worldwide, who have provided relief to millions of allergy sufferers.  Many of the NAET testimonials I read are nothing less than miraculous!

I discovered that allergies are not just a minor nuisance – they cause an interruption of the body’s energy flow that can lead to serious diseases and illnesses. 

Here is a list of some of the common allergy-related conditions that people have received relief from after eliminating their allergies with NAET:


Edema (fluid retention)

Lactose intolerance





Fainting spells

Low back pain

Angina (chest pain)


Menstrual disorders

Appetite changes


Mental confusion



Mood swings



Mucous production

Bad breath


Muscle spasms

Bed wetting

Gas (colon)

Neck aches


Gastric distress


Breast swelling

Hair loss

Obsessive behavior



Pain, unexplained




Colds (frequent)

Heart irregularities

Post-nasal drip






Restless legs






Respiratory infections

Decreased sex drive


Ringing in ears





ICV syndrome

Shortness of breath




Drug allergy


Skin problems

Drug abuse



Drug dependency


Sore throat

Dry mouth



Duodenal ulcer


Tingling sensation

Ear infections


Urinary tract disorders

Eating disorders

Joint pain

Vision disturbances



Yeast infections


Here's how I developed the Allergy Zapper method, and how you can benefit from my experience 

I was blessed to have Blue Cross insurance that covered acupuncture, so my insurance paid for my NAET treatments from a licensed acupuncturist at 80% after deductible.  This was helpful for me and for my children, but not for my mother or my husband, who also needed treatments.  And unfortunately, my insurance limited my visits to 15 per year.  I had to drive an hour each way to see the acupuncturist.  So it occurred to me there might be a better solution.  That’s when I began my own research.


I experimented with manual application of the NAET procedure.  I was thrilled to find that it actually worked!  It’s very simple, so I taught it to my children, who were 8 and 11 at that time.  We identified our allergies using muscle response testing, and treated each other. 


Still, it was not always convenient to rely on another person to do the treatments.  Sometimes I would discover an allergy when I was alone, and I wanted the option to treat it myself.  I continued my research and experimentation, finally finding a combination of acupressure points on the front of the body that enabled me to treat and eliminate my own allergies.

This allergy elimination method is unbelievably simple and takes less than a minute!  If you can obtain a sample of the allergen, you can eliminate the allergy!  It’s really that simple!!!   

Here are some of the allergies, sensitivities and intolerances I’ve eliminated using the Allergy Zapper method:

Inhalant Allergies





Contact Allergies

Auto-immune Sensitivities



Insect bites





Insect stings



Dust mites















Hair spray



Pet hair



Vitamin C





Vitamin B




Pet dander

Vitamin A




Acupressure principles have been helping people for thousands of years.

The ALLERGY ZAPPER method eliminates allergies using acupressure, which is based on the ancient principles of acupuncture.  The exact origin of acupuncture is unsure, but the oldest known book on Chinese medicine, the Neiching, indicates that it had been widely practiced in China for some time before the book was written in approximately 2,700 B.C.  

Acupuncture and acupressure work by stimulating the flow of life force energy, also known as xi or chi.  In order to understand how acupressure can eliminate allergies, let’s consider how an allergy affects the flow of energy through the body. 

The subconscious mind, which controls the body’s autonomic responses, remembers the unique electromagnetic energies of everything we encounter.  An allergy, sensitivity or intolerance is caused by an incompatibility between the body’s electromagnetic energy and that of any other substance.  It’s like trying to push together the positive or negative poles on two magnets.  You can’t see the electromagnetic energy, but you can see the results of it:  the two magnets repel each other. 

When we encounter something that our subconscious mind identifies as a threat, the subconscious immediately sends out signals that interrupt the free flow of life force energy through the body.  By interrupting the flow of energy, the subconscious is attempting to prevent the perceived threat (the allergen) from penetrating further into the body.

When the immune system does not actively attack the substance by forming antibodies, we have an intolerance or sensitivity.
  Both involve an interruption of the free flow of life force energy through the body. 

Although allergies, sensitivities and intolerances are diagnosed and treated differently in terms of Western medicine, they can all be identified using muscle response testing and eliminated using acupressure.  So when you see the word “allergy” in this website or in my writings, you can know that the information discussed will also be applicable to intolerances or sensitivities.

The fingertips are very sensitive at detecting electromagnetic signatures.  If you hold an allergen in your hand, the subconscious will perceive it as a threat and start to shut down the flow of energy through your body.  By restoring the free flow of energy with acupressure, while you touch the allergen with your fingertips, you show the subconscious that your body can effectively function in the presence of that allergen.  The subconscious then perceives that the substance is actually not a threat, and “reprograms” itself not to react to that substance in the future. 

Sometimes the results are immediate; sometimes it takes 24 hours for all the cells in your body to get the message.  Occasionally you may have to repeat a treatment or break it down into smaller components.  But any allergy, no matter how severe, can be eliminated with this method!

Any allergy,
no matter how severe,
can be eliminated with
The Allergy Zapper Method!


Even if you've never heard of this before, it IS real and it WILL work for you!

According to drugdigest.org, more than 50 million Americans have allergies.  Allergic rhinitis (inflammation in the nasal area) is the most common allergic disease, affecting at least 20 to 25 percent of the population.  
Allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in the U.S.  A new federal report reveals that Americans spent $11 billion on doctors' bills and prescription drugs for allergies in 2005.  That's almost double the $6 billion spent in 2000. 

Imagine the cost if you add in over-the-counter allergy medications.  Then add in the costs for treatment of all diseases and conditions that are allergy-related.  To say that this is a huge business would be an understatement!  The member doctors of the American Medical Association, as well as the pharmaceutical companies, stand to lose a great deal of money if people start eliminating their allergies.  Those organizations have a strong political lobby, and a strong motivation for not wanting acupuncture or acupressure to be widely accepted in this country, as they are throughout the Orient (where people are generally much healthier).

Now I'm not a conspiracy theorist.  When your doctor tells you there is no cure for allergies, he probably believes that is true.  He probably doesn't know any better.  He has been taught to treat the symptoms of disease, and therefore has very little concept of the holistic, Oriental medical principles that would eliminate the source of the illness by balancing the flow of energy through the body. 

There are many Medical Doctors who are learning these new methods, however, and more and more are becoming certified in Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique.  If you can find a physician who is NAET certified, I encourage you to do so!  

I believe the day will eventually come when Medical Doctors will be required to learn about allergy elimination in medical school.  The work of Nambudripad's Allergy Research Foundation will help to bring that about, and it will be a day of great rejoicing for mankind.  But until then, I try not to concern myself with the shortfalls of Western allopathic medicine.  I'm just grateful to have learned this technique and have the opportunity to share it with others who can benefit from my knowledge.



I was suffering from a painful attack of IBS when my daughter came to visit from out of state.  I was weak and shaking from two days of constant diarrhea and bleeding hemorrhoids.  My daughter asked what I ate before the attack started, and I told her I had nothing but a SlimFast shake that morning.  She tested me for the shake using MRT, and found out I was allergic.  She then treated me using the Allergy Zapper method, and my symptoms began to subside.  I couldn't believe it!

She also treated me for a severe iodine allergy that once caused me to go into respiratory arrest during a medical procedure.  The allergy is completely gone!  It's wonderful to be able to eat iodized salt without a coughing attack!

Maybe you are wondering if you should spend your money for something that sounds too good to be true.  Just go ahead and do it!  I know it will be an answer to prayer for you, just like it was for me.
                                                                    Sharon Kubecka
                                                                    Pearl City, IL  

Here’s what’s included with your purchase:  

My new 43-page ebook, The Allergy Zapper Method, contains all the information you'll need to get started "zapping" your allergies and moving forward on the path to a healthier, more holistically balanced life.   The Allergy Zapper Method is unique, very simple to implement and produces remarkable results. You will learn to identify allergens as soon as you experience symptoms.  As you eliminate more and more of your allergies, there will be fewer and fewer symptoms to bother you.  Here are some of the major topics covered:

  • My story: learn first-hand how to eliminate your allergies, sensitivities and intolerances – from someone who has been there and done that. I’ll share my triumphs and mistakes, so you can benefit from my experience!
  • An overview of allergies, intolerances and sensitivities and how they affect the body’s energy system.
  • Information on the different types of allergens, and their impact.
  • A look at various diseases and health conditions that are often caused or aggravated by allergies.
  • A brief history of acupressure and why it works to eliminate allergies.
  • Detailed instructions on how to identify your allergies with Muscle Response Testing (MRT).
  • Step-by-step guide to the 60-second tapping technique that allows you to eliminate allergies.
  • Special technique for treating babies, elderly patients, animals, or those with life-threatening allergies.
  • How to follow up your allergy elimination with a healthy lifestyle to prevent recurrence.

Free Bonus #1 – Schumann Resonance Mp3

The Schumann Resonance is the natural frequency of the earth’s electromagnetic cavity – approximately 7.83 Hz.  The human body is designed to function optimally within this particular energy field, and scientific experiments have shown it to be an essential requirement for physical and psychological health.  NASA has been aware of this for years and uses the Schumann Resonance to protect the health of astronauts in outer space.

The frequency of the Schumann Resonance can be affected by electronic energy in the environment such as microwave radiation and ELF signals from cell phones, radio waves, etc.  These changes are most felt in cities, where the density of disruptions can put extra stress on the body.   Research has shown that these disruptive electromagnetic energies cause health changes ranging from anti-social behavior to depression.  They also affect the pineal gland, interfering with the production of melatonin, an important neuro-hormone that works as a powerful cancer- suppressing agent and supports healthy sleep cycles.

The Schumann Resonance Mp3 uses state of the art binaural brainwave technology to entrain the brainwaves to the earth’s natural electromagnetic frequency.  This attunement has a number of beneficial effects, from enhanced health, healing and immune function to increased learning and retention abilities.  It has been described as the frequency of Love, and listening to it for an hour each day balances the body’s energetic field, promoting a feeling of inner calm.  Listening for just a few minutes will help balance the body’s electromagnetic field, tripling its size and strength.  This can help counteract the effects of aging, in effect “recharging” the body’s energetic battery.

The Schumann Resonance CD sells for $99.95 elsewhere online, but for a limited time only, you can download it in Mp3 format for free with your purchase of The Allergy Zapper Method.

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Positive affirmations and subliminal audio messages are two of the most powerful tools available to help you develop a successful mindset and achieve your goals in life. In our FREE Positive Affirmations for Health Screensaver, we've combined these two life-changing elements with 60 of our own fine art-quality nature photos to create a unique self-improvement experience that's easy to use and effective.

The video below is a promo designed to give you an idea of what you'll be getting.  The FREE Positive Affirmations for Health Screensaver has the same photos as in this video, combined with Health affirmations and a bird song soundtrack.  

This screensaver sells for $27 on our website at www.affirmationimages.com, but you can claim your free copy today with your purchase of The Allergy Zapper Method.

It’s easy to get started

There's no need for you to suffer from allergies or allergy-related conditions any longer! I've made it easy for you. You won't have to spend countless hours researching and experimenting like I did. The info can be in your hands within the next five minutes!


You can try The Allergy Zapper Method for just $27. That's less than the cost of a one-month supply of prescription allergy medication!

The risk is on me!

I have never had or heard of an allergy that couldn't be eliminated, although on rare occasions, some allergies have required numerous treatments (especially if the person is very sick, which could seriously impair the flow of energy through the body).  People with severe allergy-related health conditions may have numerous allergies contributing to their symptoms, in which case symptoms may be slow to subside.  If auto-immune allergies and sensitivities are involved, the person may need to seek treatment from an NAET practitioner, or from another professional who utilizes allergen sample vials. 

If the Allergy Zapper system doesn't work for you, just send me an email and I'll refund your money, no questions asked.  No hard feelings.  It's really that easy. 

You owe this to yourself, my friend!  Go ahead and give it a try, risk free.  You have nothing to lose but your allergies!

Cordially yours,

Deeahn Johnson

P.S.  Remember, you'll get The Allergy Zapper Method ebook IMMEDIATELY after you complete your purchase through my secure website even if it's 2 o'clock in the morning!  You'll be redirected to the download page right away. And then, if you have any questions or problems ordering, feel free to contact me via email, deeahn@allergyzapper.com, and I'll get back with you promptly.


I used to get a stomach ache and feel sick whenever I ate pizza.  My mom checked me for allergy to the pizza sauce and cheese, and treated me for it.  The treatment must have worked, because I can eat it now without any problem at all.  

I also got sick from drinking too much grape juice.  I was upset when she wanted to check me for an allergy, because I was sure I wasn't allergic.  Wrong!  She treated me for the grape juice and now I can drink as much as I want.

                                                                    Will Brummel

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